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WebSpeed Essentials
Configuring WebSpeed : Configuring your Web server : Testing the Web server

Testing the Web server

Before you can test the Web server, you must have at least one WebSpeed broker. In addition, make sure that the Web server is running, and that the NameServer and AdminService is properly configured.
To verify that your Web server has been set up correctly:
1. Verify that the Web server is running.
2. Start a Web browser. (Internet Explorer Version 6.0 or later is recommended.)
3. Use ping functionality to determine if connectivity exists between the Web server and WebSpeed components. To accomplish this, conduct a round-trip test from the browser to a WebSpeed agent using the CGI Messenger (cgiip.exe). This test instructs the Messenger to make a connection to the broker and an available agent.
An example of ping for a Web server in Windows follows:
An example of ping for a Web server on Linux or UNIX follows:
Note: The host name (identified as localhost in the example) differs depending upon the environment in which WebSpeed operates; your installation choice (for example, on a local machine) dictates the path.