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WebSpeed Essentials
Tools and ABL Support : AppBuilder : Templates


The AppBuilder provides templates to assist you when you create HTML files. From the main window of the AppBuilder, choose File > New to see the list of templates that are available.
The following WebSpeed templates are available:
*Detail — Allows you to create an HTML Detail Page with Embedded SpeedScript. It creates an updatable form to display a single record from a Progress SmartDataObject™ or from a database. Optionally, you can add transaction control buttons to allow users to add, submit, reset, delete and cancel their updates. You can also add navigation buttons and an entry field that allows the user to enter search criteria.
*HTML Mapping — Permits you to create a new HTML Mapping procedure and associate form elements defined in a static HTML file with WebSpeed field objects, such as database or data object fields.
*Main — A Welcome or a static text page for a WebSpeed application.
*CGI wrapper — A Web object that dynamically generates HTML within the context of SpeedScript.
*Blank — A basic HTML file that includes an embedded SpeedScript section.
*Frameset — An HTML file that creates three frames (a banner and two columns). The template also contains markup that displays a message when the browser does not support frames.
*Report — An HTML file with preprocessor definitions for creating a tabular view of database fields with navigation buttons.
*Report Template — Generates a formatted report on database or SmartData tables. The user can customize the reporting options in this template by changing Preprocessor definitions to match the data to include in the report.
*Table — A file for formatting database results into an HTML table. This is not a stand-alone file since it does not contain all the required HTML tags. It is meant to be inserted into another HTML file.