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Tools and ABL Support : Language support : SpeedScript and CGI wrappers

SpeedScript and CGI wrappers

SpeedScript is an implementation of the ABL that is primarily used to develop Web applications. ABL is inserted into HTML by using special HTML tags. When the WebSpeed compiler compiles this HTML, it converts it into a CGI wrapper automatically. You can also write CGI wrappers directly. SpeedScript includes a built-in Web server input/output (I/O) system that provides access to the CGI environment and Web page output stream for a Web request.
Note: SpeedScript supports extensions that allow the use of XML through SAX and the Document Object Model (DOM) interface. These extensions provide the basic input, output, and low-level data manipulation capabilities required to use data contained in XML documents. For more information about XML support, see OpenEdge Development: Working with XML, which describes XML support in the context of the ABL. However, the information also applies to SpeedScript, which is based on the ABL.
See the following sources for more information regarding SpeedScript:
*OpenEdge Development: ABL Reference — Describes the syntax of all SpeedScript language elements; also identifies which language elements apply to the ABL (Advanced Business Language), to SpeedScript, or to both the ABL and SpeedScript
*OpenEdge Getting Started: ABL Essentials — Covers important programming concepts such as database locking and transaction rules, program block and resource scoping rules, and the use of persistent procedure
* Similarities between the ABL and SpeedScript
* Differences between the ABL and SpeedScript
* SpeedScript versus JavaScript
* Additional SpeedScript components