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WebSpeed Essentials
Running and Deploying WebSpeed Applications : Distributed WebSpeed environments : Single-machine configuration

Single-machine configuration

The most basic configuration for WebSpeed is to install the WebSpeed Workshop application on the same machine as your Web server and a data source. The WebSpeed Workshop uses a subset of the OpenEdge development tools focused on developing and testing WebSpeed applications. With the Workshop, you do not have access to the graphical interface design capabilities of the AppBuilder.
The following figure shows the components installed in a single-machine configuration.
Note: The WebSpeed Broker and the WebSpeed Agents it controls are collectively referred to as the WebSpeed Transaction Server in this figure.
Figure 9. Configuration for single developer on a single machine
The WebSpeed Workshop includes the WebSpeed Development Server, which supports a single developer. The WebSpeed Development Server comes with only two WebSpeed Agents. The WebSpeed Development Server includes the Progress OpenEdge Personal RDBMS. The OpenEdge Personal RDBMS can handle up to five local connections: one for the WebSpeed AppBuilder, one for OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer, and three for the applications that you are developing. This is suitable for the needs of a single developer.
As the previous figure shows, the Web server, the WebSpeed WebTools, and the WebSpeed Messenger form an interdependent unit. While the Web server can handle non-WebSpeed traffic in addition to the WebSpeed traffic, the WebSpeed WebTools and Messenger cannot operate independently from the Web server.
* Setting up a single-machine configuration
* Startup sequence