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WebSpeed Essentials
Preface : Purpose


This manual introduces you to the WebSpeed® environment for developing Web browser-based business applications that support real-time database access and management. It explains the structure of a WebSpeed environment and how transactions are processed. The manual discusses configuring WebSpeed environments and the development tools to which you have access. Finally, the manual gives basic information on deploying WebSpeed applications and securing your WebSpeed environment.
This documentation supports the "classic" WebSpeed implementation, where a third party Web server is required to host the WebSpeed Messenger that responds to client requests.
In OpenEdge 11.6 and later releases, the Progress Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge is available as a host for WebSpeed applications. It integrates the functionality of a Web server, the WebSpeed Transaction server, and an AppServer in a single PAS for OpenEdge instance. As a platform for WebSpeed applications, PAS for OpenEdge has many advantages, including improvements in performance, scalability, and security.
Note that you can migrate existing WebSpeed applications to PAS for OpenEdge, or you can use the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge to develop new WebSpeed applications that run on PAS for OpenEdge.
See Progress Application Server for OpenEdge: Introducing PAS for OpenEdge for more information on the advantages of using PAS for OpenEdge.