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WebSpeed Essentials
Configuring WebSpeed : Setting up the WebSpeed environment : Moving application files to appropriate directories : Offset files
Offset files
An offset file (.off) is created whenever you use the AppBuilder to map an HTML file to a Web object. Agents use the offset file information to dynamically generate an HTML page. The purpose of the offset file is to provide the location of the HTML form fields in the HTML file. You ensure that the agents can find your offset files by placing them in your working directory or in the directory with your running Web objects (or r-code). If an offset file is not current for its HTML-mapping Web object, the agent generates a new offset file from your mapped HTML file and the available tagmap.dat file.
Note: Some of the files described above are ASCII files and some are binary. Some transfer methods automatically handle the differences. Other methods require that you specify a type. When in doubt, specify binary.