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Configuring WebSpeed : Maintaining the WebSpeed Transaction Server and NameServer log files

Maintaining the WebSpeed Transaction Server and NameServer log files

The WebSpeed and NameServer log files include information on when the respective WebSpeed and NameServer processes start up and shut down. These files also include system messages and information up to a level of detail that you specify using the loggingLevel property in the file. In addition, the WebSpeed broker and agent log files include all OpenEdge system messages that are not assigned an output destination by the OUTPUT TO KEEP-MESSAGES statement. If you start a WebSpeed session with the -weblogerror startup parameter, messages from your ABL (Advanced Business Language) code can be captured in the agent log file. Thus, the information in these log files can be useful when you perform routine maintenance or troubleshooting.
Note: If you have the Append option set in the Transaction Server's configuration, these log files do not truncate automatically. In this case, you should periodically trim the file with a text editor. You might want to archive the file contents as you do it.
For more information on how to configure the log files for your environment, see Configuring WebSpeed and NameServer log files.