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WebSpeed Essentials
Configuring WebSpeed : Configuring a WebSpeed Messenger : Installing the Messenger executable

Installing the Messenger executable

The WebSpeed Messenger must reside on the same machine as your Web server. The Messenger executables are tailored to run with a specific type of Web server. WebSpeed provides a Messenger executable that supports the Web server types described in .
Table 5. Windows NT WebSpeed Messengers
Web server Type
Messenger executable
Microsoft IIS
Microsoft IIS

1 The WSASP Messenger calls WebSpeed applications from an Active Server Page. It cannot coexist with the ISAPI Messenger.

The NSAPI executables reside and run from the install-path\bin directory. The CGI Messenger and ISAPI executables reside and run from the \scripts directory on the Web server.
Note: To configure a Netscape Web server to work with the WebSpeed NSAPI Messenger, you must edit the Netscape Web server configuration file (obj.conf). For more information, refer to Editing the Netscape Web server configuration file.
You can use the sample file cgiip.wsc to set up a file association for running the CGIIP Messenger under Microsoft's IIS Server. For details, see the cgiip.wsc file, which is located in the install-path\bin directory.
Note: You must restart an ISAPI or Netscape NSAPI Web server after installing and configuring the Messenger.
* Compatibility with the Web server type and operating system