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WebSpeed Essentials
Running and Deploying WebSpeed Applications : Distributed WebSpeed environments : Development network with a central WebSpeed machine

Development network with a central WebSpeed machine

A common WebSpeed configuration is a network where a central machine handles most of the WebSpeed components. Individual developers only need the WebSpeed AppBuilder and a Web browser on their workstations.
The following figure shows the components installed in a development network with a central machine.
Note: The WebSpeed Broker and the WebSpeed Agents it controls are collectively referred to as the WebSpeed Transaction Server in this figure.
Figure 10. Development network with a central WebSpeed machine
This configuration uses the WebSpeed Transaction Server and some data source on the central machine and the WebSpeed Workshop on the workstations. This figure shows a central machine, Mars, configured to support two development workstations, Phobos and Deimos.
The WebSpeed Transaction Server supports a team of developers creating WebSpeed applications. You can start up as many WebSpeed Agents as you have licenses for. Depending on the locking strategies for WebSpeed Agents you use in your applications, any given Agent might serve the needs of several developers or only one developer. Because the WebSpeed Transaction Server does not include a database, you must install either the Progress OpenEdge Workgroup RDBMS or the appropriate DataServer to connect to your non-OpenEdge database.
* Setting up a central development machine configuration
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