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WebSpeed Essentials
Running and Deploying WebSpeed Applications : Distributed WebSpeed environments : Development and deployment shared configuration : Deployment startup sequence
Deployment startup sequence
After you have installed and configured everything, you can start your WebSpeed environment.
To start the Deployment side of this shared configuration:
1. Start the AdminServers on Galatea and Nereid.
Note: Once the AdminServers have started, you can use OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer from any machine to start other components on these machines.
2. Start the data source in multi-user mode on Nereid.
3. Start the NameServer on Galatea.
4. Start the WebSpeed Transaction Server on Galatea.
5. Start the deployment Web server on Neptune.
Note: If one of the data sources fails, you should stop all the WebSpeed Transaction Servers supporting applications that use that data source. Bring the data source back up and then restart the Transaction Servers. This helps ensure data integrity.