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WebSpeed Essentials
Configuring WebSpeed : Setting up the WebSpeed environment : Creating a working application directory

Creating a working application directory

You must create a working directory for your WebSpeed application. Usually, this directory is where you place all of your WebSpeed application files—your .r, .w, .off, and .htm files. This directory also serves as the working directory for your broker and agents (this is the recommended configuration, but is not required). The workDir parameter, which you set in the file or with OpenEdge Management/OpenEdge Explorer, tells the broker which directory to use as its working directory. This is also the working directory for all of the agents in the broker's agent pool.
Note: You can also create other subdirectories in the working directory, or you can create procedure libraries and other directories in your PROPATH for when you are ready for deploying a production application.
The broker's working directory is added automatically to the PROPATH of the broker and agents; the broker and agents use the PROPATH to locate your application files. The broker's working directory is not explicitly named in the PROPATH, but is referenced using a dot (.). The dot is interpreted as the current working directory by each process that searches the PROPATH. If you choose to place your application files in a different directory, you must add that directory to the PROPATH or reference the file with a subdirectory in its pathname. This is an extra step that you can avoid by placing all of your files in the same working directory. For more information about setting the PROPATH, see PROPATH and other standard OpenEdge environment variables and OpenEdge Application Server: Developing WebSpeed Applications.