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WebSpeed Essentials
Configuring WebSpeed : Configuring a WebSpeed Messenger : Configuring a Messenger-only installation

Configuring a Messenger-only installation

WebSpeed supports n-tier deployment, enabling flexible network structuring so that you can distribute application logic and processing load among many machines across your distributed network. You can partition and deploy your application, thereby breaking up an application that is large and flexibly reorganizing it to run in a network environment that better suits your needs. The WebSpeed Messenger can be part of this n-tier deployment.
The WebSpeed Messenger must reside on the same machine as the Web server. The Web server and the WebSpeed Messengers need not be on the same machine as the rest of the WebSpeed components.
In this configuration, the Messenger must be able to connect remotely to the machines where the NameServers and AdminServices are installed. To do this, you must configure a remote NameServer. For more information on this, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Installation and Configuration.