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WebSpeed Essentials
Running and Deploying WebSpeed Applications : Firewall configuration and debugging : Debugging firewall configurations : Accessing the WebSpeed broker
Accessing the WebSpeed broker
This time, set the WebSpeed broker's logging setting to verbose and make the request. You should see something similar to the following (at a time just after the NameServer log entry):
L-3055>(26-Jul-03 18:57:53:816) Received connection:: (8125)
C-0001>(26-Jul-03 18:57:53:836) Client connected : . (8533)
C-0001>ubWSclientThread.processConnRsp(): ubRsp = 0, getNeedNewConnID() = false
C-0001>(26-Jul-03 18:57:53:836) The client C-0001 has disconnected from the broker. (8084)
C-0001>(26-Jul-03 18:57:53:836) Client disconnected : . (8534)
If the WebSpeed Messenger error says it could not contact the broker, but the broker log file says it was contacted, then the fault is on the return path. If there is no contact logged in the broker log file, then it did not receive the message. Either of these will point to the firewall rule that was left out or misconfigured.