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WebSpeed Essentials
Running and Deploying WebSpeed Applications : Distributed WebSpeed environments : Development network with a dedicated Web server : Startup sequence
Startup sequence
After you have installed and configured everything, you can start your WebSpeed environment.
To start a development network with a dedicated Web server configuration:
1. Start the AdminServer on Jupiter.
Note: Once the AdminServer has started, you can use OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer to start other components on Jupiter.
2. Start the data source (and the data server broker, if needed) on Jupiter in multi-user mode.
3. Start the NameServer on Jupiter.
4. Start the WebSpeed Transaction Server on Jupiter.
5. Start the Web server on Europa.
6. Start an AppBuilder on a workstation (Ganymede and Callisto) as needed.
7. Start a Web browser on a workstation by choosing the WebTools from the AppBuilder's Tools menu as needed.