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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer
Creating the Customer Window : Data binding : Attaching controls to a ProBindingSource : Positioning the UltraGrid control
Positioning the UltraGrid control
To position the UltraGrid control within the form:
1. Select the ultragrid1 control on the Design Canvas.
2. Select the Dock property in the Properties view.
3. From the drop-down list, select the middle option, Fill, which binds the control to the four borders of the form as shown in the following illustration:
After you set the Dock property, the UltraGrid control moves to the appropriate alignment within the form. You might need to adjust the width of the form to see all of the fields.
Notice in the Properties view that the DataSource property is set to bindingSource1. This was set previously in the UltraWinGrid Quick Start wizard. Instead of using the wizard, you can set DataSource directly in the Properties view.
Also notice in the Properties view shown in the following figure, there are links to several tools that can help you set the properties for the control.
Figure 7. Tools links in the Properties view