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Creating the Sports Window : Modifying the functionality of menu and toolbar items

Modifying the functionality of menu and toolbar items

In an ABL MDI Form, some functionality of the menu and toolbar items is already implemented and requires no further coding on your part. For example, you can use File > Exit to quit the sample application.
Other functionality is implemented to perform tasks that do not make sense in the context of the sample application. For example, the sample application does not create new files or manipulate existing files, so the default File > New and File > Open are unnecessary. In fact, they can confuse an end user if you leave them as they are.
Some menu or toolbar functionality is not implemented at all. For example, in the case of File > Print, you must either implement print functionality or remove the item from the File menu.
In this section, you remove the File > New menu and change the functionality of the File > Open menu. You can experiment with the procedures described in this section to modify or delete other items in the menus and toolbar.
* Removing the New menu item
* Modifying the Open menu item