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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer
Creating the Customer Window : Adding customerForm.cls to the project : Changing the title bar of the form

Changing the title bar of the form

If you are viewing customerForm.cls in the ABL Editor, return to the Visual Designer Editor. Press SHIFT+F9 or click the Design tab. Notice that the title bar of the form contains the name of the class file, customerForm, by default. The name in the title bar is one of the properties that you can easily change.
To change the name of the form:
1. Select the form in the Visual Designer canvas. When a form or control is selected, an editable list of its properties appears in the Properties view.
2. Scroll down to the Text property in the Properties view.
3. Replace customerForm with Customers.
Note: Be aware of the difference between the Text property and the Name property. You modify the Text property when you want to change the label of a control. The Name property is the physical name of a resource and is also used in generated code.