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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer
Setting Up the Sample Application Project : Adding the database connection to the project

Adding the database connection to the project

A database connection is one of the project resources that are necessary to run the sample application.
To add the database connection to the project:
1. In the OpenEdge Editor perspective, right-click SampleApp in the Project Explorer view.
2. From the context menu, choose Properties.
3. Expand the Progress OpenEdge node and choose Database Connections, in the Properties dialog.
4. In the Database Connections page, click Configure database connections.
5. Click New. The Add Connection Profile wizard appears.
6. In the Add Connection Profile page, type sports2000 as a connection name. Then provide the physical name of the database, the host name, and a service or port number as shown in the following illustration:
7. Click Next.
8. On the Define a SQL connection page, accept the defaults and click Next.
9. On the Add SQL Connection Profile page, accept the defaults and click Next.
10. On the Define Database Server Configuration page, select Auto-start database server.
The sample application must have a running database server in order to access the sports2000 database. Although you can manually start the server with OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer, or the proserve command, the auto-start option ensures that the server is running when you open the project, and provides a message in the Console view confirming that the database is connected.
Note: The OpenEdge AdminServer must be running before you can start a database server.
11. Select Auto-shutdown database server if you want to stop the server when you quit the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge session or change workspaces.
12. Click Finish to return to the Database Connections page.
13. Click OK to return to the project's Properties dialog.
14. On the Database Connections page of the Properties dialog, select the sports2000 check box.
Select Show All, if you do not see the following connection listed:
15. Click OK.
The project restarts, and the database server starts. Messages in the Console view confirm that the AVM (runtime) has started and is connected to sports2000.The Console view now looks similar to the following illustration:
Project 'SampleApp' runtime started successfully.
Database server 'C:\OpenEdge\WRK\workspace\db\sports2000\sports2000.db' started. (-S 6000)
Project 'SampleApp' runtime connection to 'sports2000' : OK