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Creating the Purchase Order Window : Adding a ProBindingSource control

Adding a ProBindingSource control

This section summarizes most of the steps described in Data binding. When configuring the ProBindingSource control in this section, you import schema information from an XSD file, as you did when you created the Department form in Creating the Department Window.
To add a ProBindingSource control to the Purchase Order form:
1. With purchaseOrderForm.cls open in Visual Designer canvas, expand OpenEdge Controls in the Toolbox.
2. Drag ProBindingSource and drop it on the Purchase Order form.
3. When the ProBindingSource Designer appears, select the Import Schema from File icon from the toolbar. The Open dialog appears.
4. Go to the openedge\tutorial\services folder in the SampleApp project and choose the purchorder.xsd file.
5. Click Open. The schema from purchorder.xsd file is added to the Available Schema pane in the ProBindingSource Designer dialog.
6. Select the tables and columns that you want add to your schema definition from the Available Schema pane and click Add.
7. Click OK in the ProBindingSource Designer to save your changes.
When you complete this procedure, you have a ProBindingSource control with the default name bindingSource1. This is the name that identifies the control in code. You can change the default name to something more meaningful by changing the Name property in the Properties view.