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Assembling the Order Tracking System : Tutorial structure
Tutorial structure
The tutorial is divided into sections that outline a related group of tasks. Each section begins by showing you a screen shot of what your application should look like when you complete that part of the tutorial. The section then gives a list of tasks that you should be familiar with in order to complete the section.
If you already know how to complete these tasks, you should try the exercise on your own. Below the task list is a condensed set of steps to follow. These steps provide you with basic information you need, such as the dimensions of the objects you should build. If you want to review a particular procedure in detail, the cross-references under each step enable you to find that procedure in the detailed tutorial that follows.
The final part of each section is a detailed tutorial. This tutorial leads you through the exercise for each section in detail appropriate to a developer who is new to the OpenEdge Studio but has some familiarity with graphical user interface (GUI) design environments.