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OpenEdge Getting Started: Progress OpenEdge Studio
Overview of the OpenEdge Studio : Starting the OpenEdge Desktop
Starting the OpenEdge Desktop
The OpenEdge Desktop provides access to a number of tools.
To start the Desktop, choose ProgramsOpenEdgeDesktop from the Windows Start menu. A Desktop window similar to the one shown in Figure 1–1 opens.
Figure 1–1: OpenEdge desktop
Note: The contents and appearance of the Desktop depend upon the tools licensed and installed at your site. You might see more or fewer tools than those shown in Figure 1–1.
The Desktop is made up of the following:
*Menu bar — Provides access to the available Desktop menus. You use the Desktop menus to perform file operations, to start OpenEdge tools, to minimize or maximize the Desktop, to view messages, and to access online help.
See the “OpenEdge online help system” section for a description of the selections on the Help menu.
*Toolbar — Provides access to a set of icons that allow you to easily access your OpenEdge Studio tools. The individual tools are discussed in the “OpenEdge Studio tools” section.
Note: If you leave your cursor over an icon, a ToolTip appears naming the tool.
Starting a tool from the Desktop
You can start a tool from the Desktop using either of the following methods:
*Clicking once on its icon
*Choosing a tool from the Tools menu
Starting a tool from another tool
Most of the individual tools have their own Tools menu. When a tool has its own Tools menu, you can run other tools from that tool without returning to the Desktop. For example, the AppBuilder has a Tools menu that includes the Data Dictionary option. As a result, you can run the OpenEdge Data Dictionary from the AppBuilder.
Accessing tools from other tools this way helps you manage the number of tools running (you cannot have more than one instance of a tool running within a session), and enforces the modality between the tools you run. For example, if you run the Data Dictionary from the AppBuilder, you must exit the Data Dictionary before returning to the AppBuilder.
An exception to this behavior is PRO*Tools. When you run PRO*Tools, it displays as a palette of icons that are available for use at any time. See the “OpenEdge Studio tools” section for additional information.