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OpenEdge Getting Started: Progress OpenEdge Studio
Preface : Organization
This guide provides an introduction to the OpenEdge Studio and SmartObject technology.
Chapter 1, “Overview of the OpenEdge Studio”
Provides an overview of the OpenEdge Desktop and introduces you to the tools that comprise the ADE. In addition to a general description of the ADE, this chapter provides a more detailed description of the AppBuilder.
Chapter 2, “Working with the Sample Application”
Provides information about the SportsPro sample application. By working with the sample application, you can better understand the ABL and the AppBuilder. This chapter also details the structure of each module in the sample application.
Chapter 3, “Assembling the Order Tracking System”
Provides exercises for assembling the main window of the SportsPro Order Tracking System from a set of SmartObjects supplied with the OpenEdge Studio. Assembling the main window provides an understanding of how to work with SmartObjects.
Chapter 4, “Overview of SmartObject Technology”
Provides an introduction to SmartObjects and how they connect to each other to form applications.