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Overview of the OpenEdge Studio : OpenEdge online help system
OpenEdge online help system
OpenEdge provides an online help system that provides information about using the tools, reference material on ABL, Cue Cards for the SmartObjects, and explanatory information on OpenEdge error messages. The online help system contains information for both programming and system administration audiences.
The online help system uses hypertext links to access help topics. In addition to providing help information, help topics provide links to other help systems and information. Hypertext links appear on your screen as colored text with a solid underline. To go to the topic associated with the link, click the link text. After viewing the help, you can return to the previous screen by choosing the Back button.
You can access help information from the Desktop in the following ways:
*Press F1 to get context‑sensitive help about the current window or dialog box. Most dialog boxes in the OpenEdge Studio also have a Help button that provides access to help information.
*Use the Help menu to access information about the current tool or the online reference guide. The Help system contains topics that describe what information you can access through each of the options on the Help menu.