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Assembling the Order Tracking System
Assembling the Order Tracking System
This chapter is a tutorial that leads you through assembling the main window of the sample application, the SportsPro Order Tracking System. You will assemble it from the sample SmartObjects supplied with OpenEdge.
Note: The sample files are part of the Documentation and Samples CD that you received with your product. For more information, see the “Example procedures” section.
To assemble the application, you start by creating a new SmartWindow to serve as a container for the other objects. Then you add the SmartObjects to the SmartWindow. As you do add more SmartObjects, you create SmartLinks that allow the various SmartObjects to exchange information and instructions with each other in a standardized way.
This chapter has the following sections:
*Progress Advisor
*Tutorial structure
*Reconnecting the Sports2000 database
*Assembling the main window
*Building the Customer section
*Building the Order section
*Building the Order Line section