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What's New in 11.7 : OpenEdge ABL enhancements : Temp-table improvements

Temp-table improvements

OpenEdge Release 11.7 supports the following temp-table improvements:
*Adding a before-table to a dynamic temp-table — In previous releases, if you had a handle to a dynamic temp-table without a before-table created for it, you could not then explicitly create its before-table. OpenEdge implicitly creates a before-table in certain situations, such as setting the TRACKING-CHANGES attribute on the dynamic temp-table handle to TRUE. But this requires the temp-table to be part of a ProDataSet; otherwise, setting this attribute raises an error. Other mechanisms also create a before-table when the source for the temp-table (such as JSON) already has a before-table defined.
With this release, you can now explicitly create a before-table for any dynamic temp-table that does not already have one by invoking the TEMP-TABLE-PREPARE( ) method on its object handle and passing it an optional LOGICAL parameter that when TRUE causes the AVM to create the before-table. This mechanism allows a dynamic temp-table to be prepared with a before-table when its source does not already have a before-table defined, such as a JSON source that was generated without one. This then allows the dynamic temp-table to be passed to an ABL class method, where the method parameter requires a temp-table argument that already has a before-table defined.
*Calling EMPTY-TEMP-TABLE( ) on a temp-table handle — In previous releases, you could only call the EMPTY-TEMP-TABLE( ) method on a buffer object handle.
With this release, you can call the EMPTY-TEMP-TABLE( ) method on a temp-table object handle as well.
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