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New and Revised Features
What's New in 11.7 : Progress Application Server for OpenEdge

Progress Application Server for OpenEdge

New and revised features in PAS for OpenEdge include:
*Apache Tomcat upgrade — The core Apache Tomcat server is upgraded to Version 8.5.x in the 11.7 release of PAS for OpenEdge.
*Name change — In Progress OpenEdge 11.6 and earlier releases, PAS for OpenEdge was known as the Pacific Application Server for OpenEdge. In the 11.7 release, PAS is changed to Progress Application Server for OpenEdge
*Debugger support — You can now use the Progress Developer Studio's Debugger to debug ABL business application code running in a PAS for OpenEdge server.
*Spring Security — New and oeablSecurity.csv files simplify Spring Security configuration for web applications. See Spring Security Configuration Changes in PAS for OpenEdge for more information.
*Multi-domain support — Multi-domain support is extended to include implementations where the back-end system’s user account storage does not specify domains or tenancy. The primary example of this is an LDAP authentication provider.
*HTTP Client Single Sign-On (SSO) Support — SSO support in the web server framework allows a user to log into the full business application once and transparently pass verifiable proof their login identity to each distributed web application (or service). While SSO can be implemented in the web application itself, the better choice is to implement the SSO through the web server framework. Using the web server framework for SSO has the benefit of executing the necessary security measures in a protected environment that the web application code cannot provide. Using web application framework SSO services also affords high availability and scalability support missing from web application implemented solutions.
*Deployment architecture — A new instance-name/ablapps directory where you can optionally deploy your web application's r-code for development and deployment.
*New TCMAN create options — The -m option allows you to specify a username and password to access Tomcat container-level security. The -Z option which allows you to specify a security model for web application during their development.
*PASOESTART — A new command-line utility encapsulates PAS for OpenEdge startup tasks into a single command.
*genspringpwd — A utility for generating encrypted passwords for the WEB-INF/ user accounts file.
*SSL Support Deprecated — Due to the upgrade to Java 8 in OpenEdge 11.7, support for SSLv3 and other cipher suites (MD5 and RC5, for example) has been retired. Instead, support for TLS is updated, and replaces those retired technologies.
Note: Nothing need be done to re-configure instances for TLS after completing an OpenEdge 11.7 install and the instance migration described in OpenEdge Getting Started: Migrating to OpenEdge 11.7. However, if you must revert to those retired technologies, you cannot use OpenEdge 11.7 or later releases.
*WSASP Not Supported — The wsasp.dll, that allowed ASP calls through IIS, is no longer supported. It will not work in OpenEdge 11.7.
For more information on these topics, see:
Progress Application Server for OpenEdge: Administration Guide (also in the instance-name/conf directory)