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New and Revised Features
What's New in 11.7 : OpenEdge DataServers

OpenEdge DataServers

Progress OpenEdge release 11.7 provides the following OpenEdge DataServers features and improvements:
*Statement level lock upgrade for JOIN query — The OpenEdge MSS DataServer now supports statement level lock-upgrade for join query evaluated using server side join. OpenEdge ABL allows a user to specify a lock type in the OPEN QUERY statement of a JOIN query. An EXCLUSIVE-LOCK can be applied to individual buffers that are participating in a JOIN query. Opening a JOIN query when one or more participating buffers are opened with EXCLUSIVE-LOCK makes the DataServer evaluate the query to be joined by the client. Such join queries are not evaluated on the server and their performance might be affected. To use this capability, Progress suggests that users open a query with the lock-type NO-LOCK, and specify the desired locking at the statement level. This allows the DataServer to evaluate the query as server side join.
*Join Robustness — The OpenEdge DataServer for Oracle provides enhanced stability to server side JOIN capabilities. Dynamic join queries with ABL function references in the WHERE clause are optimized to be resolved as JOIN-BY-SQLDB.
*Optimized ABL Cross Join (nested query) as JOIN-BY-SQLDB — The OpenEdge DataServer for Oracle is enhanced to offload CROSS JOIN as server side join. By default, an ABL CROSS JOIN query is resolved on the ABL client. Server side join capability of an ABL CROSS JOIN is available based on the QUERY-TUNING (JOIN-BY-SQLDB) switch.
*Oracle DataServer Compatibility with multi-tenant foreign databases — The OpenEdge DataServer for Oracle is certified with the Oracle 12c multi-tenant configuration.
*Microsoft SQL Server 2016 certification — The OpenEdge MSS DataServer is now certified with Microsoft SQL Server 2016.
*OpenEdge DataServer for ODBC is retired — Starting with OpenEdge 11.7, the OpenEdge DataServer for ODBC is retired. The Progress OpenEdge Data Management: DataServer for ODBC guide has been removed from the product set. However, there is still conditional backwards compatibility in Progress networking mode.
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