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What's New in 11.7 : OpenEdge Change Data Capture

OpenEdge Change Data Capture

OpenEdge Release 11.7 includes the new feature, OpenEdge Change Data Capture (CDC).
Change Data Capture (CDC) is an industry term that describes the process of duplicating subsets of OLTP data in an external data source with a relatively up to date version of relational data. The OpenEdge implementation of CDC provides a flexible and scalable capture process to facilitate the data extraction, transformation, and eventually the loading of the data to an external data source. The data provided by the capture process exists on the source database and is maintained in relational form.
OpenEdge CDC is flexible because:
*Captured data is maintained in the same database
*Captured data is maintained in relational form
*Captured data is accessible with SQL and ABL
OpenEdge CDC is scalable because you can define CDC policies such that:
*The amount of data captured is variable by table. You can capture no data, some data, or the whole record.
*You can index the data for easier retrieval.
*The amount of data captured is controlled through policies defined at the table and field level.
Benefits of OpenEdge Change Data Capture include:
*It identifies and tracks all changes made within the OpenEdge RDBMS
*It guarantees accurate tracking of all data changes regardless of where they occur
*It increases efficiencies and availability of changes for ETL to sync identified changes with other data sources, data repositories or data warehouses
*Has a single point of configuration regardless of ABL or SQL
*It can be activated with zero changes to the application, just configure and run
*It can be managed completely online—no downtime required
CDC is a licensed product layered on top of a Workgroup or Enterprise RDBMS license.
Configuration of CDC is controlled through OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer. See OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer for more details.
Support for CDC is provided in both SQL and ABL. See OpenEdge SQL and OpenEdge ABL enhancements for more details.
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