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New and Revised Features
What's New in 11.7 : OpenEdge Business Process Management

OpenEdge Business Process Management

Progress OpenEdge release 11.7 provides the following OpenEdge BPM features and improvements:
*Web service adapter configuration using server-config.xml — When defining the security settings for Web service adapter, you can now configure the Authentication details and Endpoint URL using the server-config.xml file.
*New samples — The following sample apps are now available for OpenEdge BPM:
*OEBPM JSDO Service (Classic & PASOE) — A Data Object service implementation of OpenEdge BPM for both Classic AppServer and Progress Application Server for OpenEdge.
*OEBPM KUIB Sample — A sample app to create new BPM forms.
Note: In Progress Developer Studio, click Help > Samples to access these sample apps in the Samples page.
*Removal of the Form Editor — The Form Editor has been removed from BPM projects.
In earlier releases, the Form Editor enabled you to design a customized interface with Form as the presentation format for Activity worksteps (and for Start worksteps in Business Processes). This format in the Portal presentation type has been removed for both Business Processes and Web applications.
*Kendo UI Builder integration — The following improvements have been made to integrate Kendo UI® Builder by Progress® (Kendo UI Builder) with OpenEdge BPM:
*Create BPM forms — You can use in-built templates of Kendo UI Builder to create new BPM forms in OpenEdge 11.7
*Semantic Annotations for JSDO catalog — You can now use semantic annotations to validate the dataslots supported by the JSDO catalog that is used with the Kendo UI Builder components.
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