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New and Revised Features
What's New in 11.7 : OpenEdge Application Development Environment

OpenEdge Application Development Environment

OpenEdge release 11.7 provides the following OpenEdge ADE features and improvements:
Change Data Capture support — OpenEdge Database tools, Data Dictionary and Data Administration, provide support for managing Change Data Capture (CDC) and its reporting, and other database administration utilities.
Using these Database tools, you can:
*Check if a database is enabled for CDC.
*View CDC policy information in reports.
*Dump and load CDC policies.
*Create a DELETE trigger for a CDC change table.
In Audit Policy Maintenance tool, when selecting the tables for auditing, you will not find the CDC change tables as they cannot be enabled for auditing.
For more information, see:
OpenEdge Development: Basic Database Tools
OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration
Online help:
Data Administration Help
Data Dictionary Help
Audit Policy Maintenance Help