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New and Revised Features
What's New in 11.7 : Installation and platform support

Installation and platform support

OpenEdge release 11.7 installation and platform support includes the following:
*Configutil utility — The configutil utility helps you to export the source installation configurations and import them to a different OpenEdge installation on the same or different machine.
*Authentication Gateway —The OpenEdge Authentication Gateway Details dialog box lets you set the configuration details for the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway (Security Token Service) to be used with Progress Application Server for OpenEdge.
*OpenEdge upgrades to JAVA 8 — OpenEdge now uses Java 1.8.0_101.
*Infragistics upgrade — OpenEdge release 11.7.0 uses Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET v2016 Vol 2. The Infragistics controls are upgraded to version 16.2.20162.2040.
*OpenEdge upgrades to .NET 4.6 — OpenEdge now uses 4.6.
*Downloadable License Configuration File — When obtaining the software product installation kits from the Progress Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) system, customers now have the option of using a self-service portal to generate and download license configuration (.cfg) files based on either a subset of products in a single License Addendum (“green sheet”) or a combination of products across multiple License Addendums. A license configuration file can then be added to a previously-installed product image without the need for a re-install. This feature is supported for OpenEdge Release 10.2B and later.
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