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New and Revised Features
What's New in 11.7 : OpenEdge ABL enhancements : Class-based object improvements

Class-based object improvements

OpenEdge Release 11.7 supports the following class-based object improvements:
*Run-time performance — This release supports performance improvements for run-time class management. For example, instead of loading all built-in classes at startup, they are loaded on demand, as each class needs to be accessed.
*Object serialization improvements — A new NON-SERIALIZABLE option is now available in class member definitions for properties, ProDataSets, temp-tables, and variables, which suppresses serialization of these members for classes that are otherwise marked as SERIALIZABLE. Also, in addition to its existing availability as an option and attribute setting for defining ProDataSets and temp-tables as class data members, SERIALIZE-NAME is now available as an option for specifying an alternate name for serializing a defined class property or a variable defined as a class data member that is not also marked as NON-SERIALIZABLE.
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