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Multi-tenancy Overview
Introducing multi-tenancy : What is a tenant?

What is a tenant?

A tenant is a separate and distinct set of users within a multi-tenant database. For example, a tenant can equate to one company, or a division within one company.
Access to a tenant's data is restricted to users that are authenticated to the tenant via a security domain. For information on security domains, see Security domains for a brief discussion, or see OpenEdge Getting Started: Identity Management for complete details.
For tables that are defined to be multi-tenant, each tenant has its own instance of the multi-tenant table (unless a partition for that table has explicitly not been allocated for that tenant). Tenants have access to the data in the instances designated for that specific tenant as well as to tables that are shared.
Two special cases of tenant data access are as follows:
*Super-tenant users — Super-tenants users (or simply super tenants) can access all of the data in the database, typically for maintenance purposes.
*Tenant groups — Groups allow more than one tenant to access the same data for an instance of a table.