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Multi-tenancy Overview
Multi-tenancy and ABL : ABL Support : Coding for super-tenant access : Super-tenant queries
Super-tenant queries
With can-read access, a super tenant can query data for any one or a combination of tenants using the following basic ABL query mechanisms:
*TENANT-WHERE option of the record phrase — Adds tenancy criteria to the data in a query independent of the current effective tenancy. Given the specified multi-tenant tables and joins in a query, this option can be used to qualify the tenancy of each individual record buffer, including record instances from multiple tenants. If multiple tenants are specified in a tenant group, the associated SKIP-GROUP-DUPLICATES option skips all but the first tenant record in any group.
*REPOSITION statement and REPOSITION-TO-ROWID( ) method on a query handle — Provides an option to reposition to a query row owned by a specified tenant.