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Multi-tenancy Overview
Multi-tenancy and ABL : ABL Support : Coding for super-tenant access : Super-tenant data updates
Super-tenant data updates
ABL allows a super tenant to create (with can-create access) and update (with can-write or can-delete access, as appropriate) database records for specified tenants using the following elements:
*CREATE statement and BUFFER-CREATE( ) method on a buffer handle — For a multi-tenant table, these ABL elements provide an option for a super tenant to create a database record for a specified tenant, regardless of the effective tenancy. Without this option, these ABL elements create database records owned by the effective tenant.
*All record update statements, such as ASSIGN, SET, UPDATE, DELETE , etc. — Regardless of the current effective tenant, ABL remembers the tenancy of all records created for a multi-tenant database as well as the records retrieved from a multi-tenant database. When a super tenant updates database records created for multiple tenants or queried for multiple tenants, ABL ensures that all these record instances are written to or deleted from the table instances owned by the corresponding tenants.