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Multi-tenancy Overview
Introducing multi-tenancy : How does data access work? : Table types : Multi-tenant table instance
Multi-tenant table instance
A multi-tenant table instance summarizes many of the previously defined terms.
Each multi-tenant table can have a multi-tenant table instance for each tenant. A table instance consists of object instances defined in the schema for a particular table definition.
The number of objects can grow very quickly. For example if you have 10 tenants, and have 10 multi-tenant tables defined, and each table has 3 indexes and 3 LOB fields, you will have 700 objects. That is:
10 tenants * (10 tables * (7 objects per table) ) = 700 objects.
Configuring and maintaining the objects of a multi-tenant database is simplified with the Database Administration Console of OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer. For more information on the Database Administration Console, see OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer: Getting Started with Multi-tenancy.