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Multi-tenancy Overview
Multi-tenancy and OpenEdge SQL

Multi-tenancy and OpenEdge SQL

OpenEdge SQL delivers a range of features supporting and enabling multi-tenancy, including:
*Multi-tenant specific SQL statements to create, alter, and drop tenants of an existing database table.
*Extended support for multi-tenancy in the OpenEdge SQL Data Definition Language (DDL) to create, alter, and drop multi-tenant enabled tables, indexes, and sequence.
*Extended support for multi-tenancy in the OpenEdge SQL Data Manipulation Language (DML) to select, insert, update, and delete to/from a multi-tenant table.
This chapter is intended for existing OpenEdge SQL users who are familiar with the OpenEdge SQL syntax and provides a brief overview of multi-tenant support, and provides use cases for OpenEdge SQL users getting started with multi-tenancy.
For more information on SQL syntax, see OpenEdge Data Management: SQL Reference.
* OpenEdge SQL support
* DBA use cases
* Regular tenant use case (accessing data)
* Super tenant use cases
* SQL utility use cases