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Multi-tenancy Overview
Multi-tenancy and ABL : ABL API for multi-tenant maintenance

ABL API for multi-tenant maintenance

OpenEdge provides several tools for maintaining the multi-tenant configuration of a database, including the Data Administration tool, the Database Administration Console in OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer, and the ABL API for multi-tenant maintenance. OpenEdge provides the first two tools with all the features required to configure multi-tenancy for many use cases.
If you want to build custom multi-tenant configuration tools entirely in ABL, perhaps to automate multi-tenant configurations, OpenEdge provides the ABL API. This API includes a set of ABL interfaces. These interfaces provide access to the following configuration entities for a database:
*Tenant groups
*Authentication systems
*Users (in the _User table only)
For example, an OpenEdge.DataAdmin.ITenant instance represents a tenant.
The operations to create, retrieve, update, and delete (as appropriate) these entities are supported by a single service class: OpenEdge.DataAdmin.DataAdminService. Not all operations are supported for all entities. For example, the DataAdminService class does not create tables, but updates table configuration information, for example, to convert a shared table into a multi-tenant table.
* DataAdminService operations
* Entity interface members
* Further information