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Migrating to OpenEdge 11.7
Progress Application Server for OpenEdge 11.7 Migration Tasks : Migrating existing PAS for OpenEdge instances

Migrating existing PAS for OpenEdge instances

The core Apache Tomcat server was upgraded to Version 8.5.x in the 11.7 release of PAS for OpenEdge. Because of incompatibility issues with prior versions of Tomcat, 11.6 (and earlier releases) of PAS for OpenEdge will not run on OpenEdge 11.7.
If you have pre-11.7 instances, you must do the following, after an OpenEdge 11.7 install, before you can run them:
1. Obtain a list of deployed instances:
proenv> pasman instances
The output will be a list of the alias names of registered instances and the full pathname of the instances' root directory. You will use this information in the following steps.
2. Stop all running instances. For example:
proenv> pasman stop -I instance-name
3. Using the alias names, unregister each instance:
proenv> pasman unregister alias-name
4. Using the alias name and the full pathname of the root directory, re-register each instance:
proenv> pasman register alias-name pathname
When you re-register the instance, configuration files are automatically updated to the Tomcat version that is compatible with 11.7.
Once the PAS for OpenEdge instance is updated and can run on 11.7, any deployed web applications must also be updated. Use Progress Developer Studio to perform the updates. See Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Migration Tasks for more information.