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Migrating to OpenEdge 11.7
Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Migration Tasks : Migrating an ABL Web App Project

Migrating an ABL Web App Project

If you have imported an ABL Web App project from OpenEdge 11.6 to the current release in the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, you can also migrate the Spring Security files.
Note: You will not be allowed to export or deploy the 11.6 ABL Web App project until you migrate.
1. Right-click the ABL Web App project and select Progress OpenEdge > Migrate Spring Security Files. The Migrate Spring Security Files dialog box also opens.
Note: The dialog box also opens when you open an old workspace or import an old project to 11.7 workspace that contains ABL Web App projects.
2. Click OK.
Note: If you click Cancel, you must later follow the previous step to migrate.
The Spring Security files in the current WEB-INF folder in the project directory are moved to the newly created backup folder. The migrated Spring Security files are placed in the WEB-INF folder.