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Migrating to OpenEdge 11.7
Migrating OpenEdge Business Process Management : Migrating from OpenEdge 11.6.x and earlier releases : Configuring the OpenEdge database

Configuring the OpenEdge database

After migrating to OpenEdge latest release, you must configure its corresponding OpenEdge database for the OpenEdge Developer Studio installation.
To configure the OpenEdge database for the latest release:
1. Start the existing OpenEdge database by executing the following command:
Note: In UNIX, you must change the mode and then execute the command.
2. Follow the Database Configuration Tool wizard to complete configuring the OpenEdge database.
Ensure that the Database name is the same as what you chose earlier, that is, oebps.
For more information about the options in the wizard, see the Database Configuration Tool section in Progress OpenEdge Business Process Server: Server Administrator's Guide.