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Migrating to OpenEdge 11.7
Migrating OpenEdge Business Process Management : Migrating from OpenEdge 11.6.x and earlier releases : Before you begin

Before you begin

Do the following before beginning the migration process:
1. Take a backup of the following:
a. Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge workspace
Manually copy the BPM Studio workspace folder to any another location in your computer.
b. OpenEdge Database
Before you start the backup process, stop the AppServers/JBOSS Server and the database by using, stopEjbServer.cmd/sh,, and respectively.
Your schema can become corrupt during the conversion or the migration process. If the conversion/migration fails, your database cannot be recovered. Therefore, you must take a backup of your database if you have to restore the database and begin the conversion/migration again.
probkup Db-name Device-name
Name of your database.
Directory structure of the location where you want to back up the data.
For example, if your Db-name is sbmdb and your Device-name is sbmdb.bkp file, then you must execute the following probkup command:
probkup sbmdb sbmdb.bkp
For more information on using the probkup utility, see Progress OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration.