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Installation and Configuration
Preinstallation Checklist for Windows : Web server

Web server

You must have access to at least one of the recognized Web server types if you plan to install any of the following OpenEdge products:
*The WebSpeed Messenger, Secure AppServer Internet Adapter (AIA) or Web Services Adapter (WSA) products to develop and/or deploy Web applications.
*OpenEdge Development Server if you plan to use Progress Dynamics functionality.
*WebSpeed as a component or subcomponent of another OpenEdge product, if you plan to use this functionality. (If you do not plan to use WebSpeed functionality and the check box is available, leave the check box blank to bypass these Web server choices during the installation process.)
If you are configuring a Web server, respond to the following points for each Web server you intend to use. Refer to the installation online help topic "Selecting a Web Server Type," as needed:
*Identify the type of Web server:
*Microsoft Internet Information System (IIS) or ISAPI-compatible
*Sun Web server or NSAPI-compatible
*Note the Web server's machine location:
*On the same machine where you plan to install your OpenEdge products
*On a machine that is different from the machine on which you are installing your OpenEdge products
*For a Microsoft Internet Information System (IIS) or ISAPI-compatible Web server:
*Accept the default directories provided that appear in the Web Server Scriptdirectory and the separate Web Server Document Rootdirectory fields, respectively. (These default directories are independent of each other.) Or, you can select a different location for either or both directories: ___________________________________. (If you select an alternative Web server script directory, it must be an existing directory that your Web server references.)
*Deselect the Copy static HTML files to Document Rootdirectory checkbox and select the Create virtual directory for static HTML files checkbox. This step enables OpenEdge to create an alias that points to the WebSpeed HTML files in the OpenEdge installation directory.
*For either a Sun Web server an NSAPI-compatible Web server, or a CGI-compatible Web server:
*Define the directory path for the Web Server Scriptsdirectory field: _____________________________ and the Web Server Document Rootdirectory field: _____________________________________________.
*Select the Web server's document root directory for the Copy static HTML to the Document Rootdirectory field so that during the installation, the WebSpeed Workshop HTML files are copied to this location: __________________________.