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Installation and Configuration
Configuration : Managing OpenEdge Key and Certificate Stores : Managing certificate stores for OpenEdge clients and servers : Using certutil to manage an OpenEdge root certificate store
Using certutil to manage an OpenEdge root certificate store
The certutil command-line utility provides functions to install root certificates from any CA and to manage all of the entries in the OpenEdge root certificate store.
The certutil utility has the following general command-line syntax:
certutil [options]functionarguments
Changes the type of information and defaults for different functions (function) of the utility.
function arguments
Specify one of the following functions (function) and the objects they affect (arguments):
*-import cert-file — Imports a trusted CA root certificate from the disk file cert-file, and creates a root certificate store entry identified by a generated alias name (alias, as specified for other functions of this utility)
*-list[ alias ... ] — Displays a list of specified (alias) or all current certificate store entries
*-display cert-file — Displays the digital certificate file information contained in the operating system disk file cert-file
*-remove alias ... — Removes one or more specified (alias) certificate store entries
For more information on the options and functions of the certutil command-line utility, see Command and Utility Reference.