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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation on UNIX or Linux : OpenEdge Silent installation overview : Performing a rolling upgrade of OpenEdge Management : Upgrading a remote container
Upgrading a remote container
After installing a new console, the final step in a rolling upgrade is to upgrade your remote container.
upgrade a remote container:
1. Ensure that the newly installed AdminServer console is running and is enabled for remote monitoring (using the fmconfig command), and ensure that OpenEdge Management is configured.
2. Stop the older version of the AdminServer.
3. Disable remote monitoring on the remote AdminServer:
fmconfig -disable
4. Configure the remote monitoring console to match the port number and hostname specified on the new console:
fmconfig -enable -port <portnumber> -host <hostname>
5. Restart the AdminServer.
Note: The AdminServer should connect to the new OpenEdge Management console. The previously configured OpenEdge Management container remains, but will be offline.
After configuring the remote container, you can monitor it from the new console. To migrate additional containers, execute the fmconfig -enable -port <portnumber> -host <hostname> command where the port number and hostname represent new AdminServer consoles.
Note: You must restart the remote AdminServer each time you migrate additional containers.