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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Administration Utilities : OpenEdge event logging : Managing the OpenEdge event log file size : Truncating a log file online
Truncating a log file online
The online option of prolog allows you to avoid bringing the database down to truncate the log file. This eliminates the need to shutdown the database to archive the database log file. An online truncation records the start and end of truncation activities, re-logs the startup parameters, and records errors to indicate when a truncation failed. The syntax is:
prolog database-name[-online] [-silent]
The name of the database with the log file to be truncated.
Using the option -online, you do not have to shutdown and restart the database to truncate the database log file.
Note: Specifying -online is optional, and supported for backward compatibility. If your database is online, prolog truncates it, even when -online is not specified.
Specifies that you do not want the startup parameters re-logged to the database log file if the database is online.
The online truncation option copies approximately the last 3072 bytes to a buffer, truncates the file, and then copies the buffer to the log file, then re-logs the startup parameters.
For more information about the syntax associated with these online and offline activities, see OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration.