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Installation and Configuration
Configuration : Working in the OpenEdge Environment on UNIX : Understanding the built-in terminal definitions : Terminal issues
Terminal issues
When you start OpenEdge, you might receive the following message:
** You cannot use DEL for both stty intr and DELETE-CHARACTER.
The message as presented in the previous example indicates that you were trying to use the DEL key as the UNIX interrupt key and as the OpenEdge DELETE-CHARACTER key. To avoid this message, add the following line to your .profile file:
stty intr ^C
This command resets your UNIX interrupt key from DEL to CTRL+C.
Built-in terminal definitions are supplied with OpenEdge for the terminals listed in the terminal identifier table, which indicates the terminal identifiers you can use so that OpenEdge can successfully access that terminal definition. Be sure the operating system environment variable TERM is set to the appropriate value. For example:
TERM=wyse60;export TERM