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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Administration Utilities : Manage memory and system configurations on UNIX platforms : Swap space
Swap space
When the amount of memory used by all processes running on a UNIX system exceeds the amount of physical memory, portions of memory are swapped to disk. A special area of the disk is reserved for this swapping. The system administrator can set the size of this area when configuring the system.
Note: Progress Software Corporation recommends that you set your swap space size to at least twice the size of your system memory.
A UNIX system can deadlock while accessing the disk when the swap space is used up. This can happen when too many large processes are running simultaneously. If you expect to have a larger than normal number of users, or if OpenEdge memory requirements are larger than your typical process, consider increasing the amount of swap space available on your system. Before you change the size of the swap area, back up and reformat the disk.
The UNIX user set-ID bit is turned on for the OpenEdge program module. Consequently, even though there might be no active OpenEdge users, this module remains in the UNIX swap area on the disk until you shut down the system.