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Installation and Configuration
Configuration : Starting and Running OpenEdge : Starting OpenEdge on UNIX platforms

Starting OpenEdge on UNIX platforms

OpenEdge startup commands differ with certain operating systems, user interfaces, and network software. UNIX provides a series of scripts to run the OpenEdge executables, such as proserve to start broker/servers and mpro to start multi-user interactive clients. These scripts are tailored for your particular software environment. For information on the script executed by each command, see the description of the command in OpenEdge command components table .
It is important that you observe the following conventions when you enter a command:
*Use lowercase characters for commands on UNIX
*Enter parameters on UNIX exactly as shown in the syntax descriptions
*Values can be case sensitive on UNIX, for example, names of UNIX files are case sensitive
* Startup and shutdown commands
* Starting single-user OpenEdge in interactive mode
* Starting single-user OpenEdge in batch or background mode
* Starting the multi-user server or broker