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Installation and Configuration
Configuration : Working in the OpenEdge Environment in Windows : Support for IPv6 : Specifying IPv6
Specifying IPv6
You can specify IPv6 in one of two ways:
*-ipver startup parameter. Add this startup parameter to your command line, as shown:
-ipver version
*ipver property in a *.properties file. Add the startup parameter to your *.properties file, as shown:
The startup parameter and the property each take the same values for version. The following table shows the possible values and their meaning.
Table 41. Values for specifying IP version
Allow connections with IPv4 only. If -ipver is not specified, this is the default behavior.
Allow connections with IPv6 and mapped IPv4.
The startup parameter and property name is case sensitive, and must be specified in all lower case. The values for version are not case sensitive, and can be specified in any case.
The following table shows the appropriate method for specifying IP version.
Table 42. Specifying IP version
To start ...
Specify IP version with ...
-ipver on command line
Unified brokers:
*WebSpeed Agent
*AppServer Internet Adapter (AIA)
ipver in
Database servers
-ipver on command lineipver in
DataServer broker
-ipver on command lineipver in
-ipver on command line
-ipver on command lineinherit from client
Note: For information on configuring IPv6 properties for underlying Java code, see Specifying IP version for underlying Java code.